Strange manuscript found in a coppe

Por (autor)James De Mille


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Four sailors discover a copper cylinder containing a manuscript written by the adventurer Adam More, who was shipwrecked in the southern hemisphere. They read its contents out to one another, and the incredible story unfolds of his journey to a lost world which survives at the foot of a volcano. This strange utopian society, in which humans coexist with prehistoric animals, is the antithesis of Victorian England, as poverty is preferred to wealth and darkness to light.

At once a timeless satire and a pioneering work of science fiction, A Strange Manuscript Found in a Copper Cylinder will enthral readers of today and revive James De Mille’s reputation as a writer ahead of his time.

SKU: 749434
Isbn: 9781847494344
Publicado: 2015
Formato: 128x200x23 mm
Peso 202 g


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