Animals, Inc. A Business Parable for the 21st Century



Animals, Inc.
is a time-tested business parable that has been tremendously popular with Gallup clients for more than thirty years: it’s a favorite at corporate seminars and has even been released on video. It’s the story of a group of animals who want to get rid of their shortcomings, or weaknesses, in order to make themselves more efficient. They decide to attend a school to learn how to improve themselves. But as the rabbit struggles to learn how to swim, as the pig attempts to climb trees, and as the other animals try to improve their weaknesses, they end up frustrated, unhappy, and quarrelling with each other. This simple but powerful parable explains a basic, very vital business lesson: that people should learn how to focus on their strengths in their workplace and offices rather than concentrating on their weaknesses.

SKU: 413016
Isbn: 9781844130160
Publicado: 2004
Formato: 140x210x19 mm
Peso 234 g

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